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For the last 5 years 1 of our co-founders Jakob Owens has hosted his own online short horror film contest for filmmakers around the world. At OnSetPass we’re adopting that online film contest idea by hosting our own short film contests with Jakob Owens and our team. The past horror film contests have generated the creation of thousands of amazing films from filmmakers all over the world and have created some very cool opportunities for those filmmakers.


So we’re going to keep that tradition alive and continue to host fun film contests with amazing prizes for our OnSetPass members. If you’re a member you’ll have the ability to compete in these exclusive contests, win some cool prizes, and have your winning film featured on our streaming platform.

We want to continue to support and reward filmmaker’s for their creative ideas, while inspiring and motivating the film community to get off their butt and go make a film. You never know how and when your life can change, but it simply could begin with entering our film contests!


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